Divemaster day 8

Informal Recreational diving flag

Well, the study paid off. I didn’t ace them the way I’d done in previous exams, but this was the first set I’d sat “closed book”. And there were a lot of questions, many of which weren’t multiple answer. Divemaster is certainly a big jump up from the previous stages.

For passing the exams (well, not really, but I like to think it was a reward) I got a nice ProDive Bali polo shirt to wear when I’m “working”. I get to keep it, as well.

Looks like I’m diving tomorrow, but I’m not sure where yet. I have a choice of two sites, depending on which group of divers I join in with. The German couple I went to Tulamben are doing Manta Point; another German and one of his friends are looking at other sites around the same area; and a couple from California are themselves going to Tulamben.

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