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It’s been a while since I popped up any actual travel-related posts and I hope to address this soon. We had a family holiday in Greece recently and I’d like to get a little something up about that, but it’s all down to time.

Also, my holidays have changed since I settled down and we now have three kids in tow so expect the content and pace of the posts to change! Of course, this does mean that the posts could be relevant to a slightly different audience. Gone are the backpacking days (except possibly the occasional long weekend with the wife if I can convince her, although we won’t be using shared dorms…), but the travel bug is still there.

Don’t get me wrong, my other half loves the idea of travel almost as much as I do, but family has to come first and the kids just aren’t ready for roughing it through South America (top of my travel bucket list) as yet!

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The History of Bingo

Bingo Page

Bingo Page

Bingo has been around for hundreds of years. Whether you’re a bingo buff, or a complete novice, find out some of its fascinating history.

Bingo has an amazingly long history and the game has been played the world over for centuries. It’s had a bit of resurgence recently and has very much updated its image. Essentially though, the game is still played in the same way today as it always has been. You wait for your numbers to come up in a form of lottery and when you match the winning numbers you’ve won. Bingo! Millions of people play it in different forms and on different media the world over. It has a longevity and appeal unmatched by other games. If you’re a bingo fanatic, or a relative newcomer, read on to discover the history of this fascinating game.

In the Beginning

The first recorded version of the bingo game was in Italy in 1530. Bingo is descended from Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, the Italian state lottery which has been played every week since then and is still played every Saturday today, though commercial bingo was only legalized in Italy a few years ago! It was introduced to France in the 16th Century and was very much the province of the wealthier French who called it Le Lotto. The Germans took it on board and created their own version in the early 19th Century, but their game was much more focused on education rather than recreation. They used it to teach their children all about maths, spelling and history. Presumably, there was no money involved, as schools don’t tend to teach children how to gamble at the same time as learning about probability and chance!

Changing Over Time

The word ‘bingo’ is thought to come from the early 20th Century. When the game reached America in 1929, it was known as Beano. Hugh J Ward standardized the game and eventually had the Bingo copyright. An American toy salesman, Edwin S Lowe, was interested in the game and was thought to have overheard a player shouting ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’ by mistake. He decided that this was a much better name for the game and clearly it has stuck. He went on to produce lots of Bingo games, and even apparently employed a maths professor, Carl Leffler,  to help him come up with as many number combinations as possible. Sadly, Leffler went insane, but who knows if this was down to the numbers? A preacher came up with the idea of using bingo helping to raise church funds and started the trend of playing in church halls that has carried on through to the present day.

Modern Day Bingo

The principle is the same with modern day bingo but the execution of the game has changed radically over the last century. It has had quite a stuffy image over the last couple of generations, but contemporary bingo has become exciting stuff. Celebrities love it and you can play in many forms from online to your iPhone. There are large sums to be won with some of the more recent wins topping £5 million on Butler Bingo! It’s played in casinos all round the world and millions of people enjoy it in its various forms. Modern day bingo is big business, and its showing no signs of slowing down, so it’s safe to say that bingo will be part of our future as well as our past. Lucky for some!

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List of Places Where You Can Play Bingo

Bingo Adventure in The Philippines
List of Places Where You Can Play Bingo

The Philippines is often overshadowed by Singapore and Macau when it comes to gambling, but do you know that this lovely archipelago has more than 200 bingo halls? No wonder many online bingo companies are starting to eye this country because it already has a stable market for this game. Even hotel and recreation firms such as Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC) have plans of expanding their bingo facilities in the Philippines. LRWC is set to open a megacasino worth 1.3 billion US dollars (or approximately 841,696,700 British pounds) in 2014. In a recent interview with the president of LRWC, Reynaldo Bantug, he said that “We also have growth in core projects like the bingo boutique. LRWC, which will roll out more bingo boutiques, is enjoying brisk revenues from its electronic bingo machines.”

Looks like we can expect more bingo action happening in the Philippines for the following years. What makes bingo appealing to the masses is its low stakes because bingo cards can be bought per piece in certain bingo halls. This traditional game is also very accessible especially with the arrival of many online bingo websites. Do you know that as of 2011, there are more than 30 million people in the Philippines that uses the internet? Imagine how many of those play at and other reputable bingo sites. According to Statcounter Global Stats, 52% of Filipinos have a computer with a high-speed internet connection right in their own homes. Those who don’t have any internet at home can find an internet café in almost every corner of Metro Manila.

For serious bingo players, there are several venues where you can play this game. Here are some of my top picks:

Bingo Fiestas at Casino Filipino Hyatt

For a different setting, attend the Bingo Fiestas at Casino Filipino Hyatt in Manila. This 5-star hotel is known for giving away huge rewards so make sure to purchase a ticket for their bingo games in advance. Their jackpot prizes range from a brand new car to one million Philippine pesos (or 14,802 British pounds).

Fun Bingo at Resorts World Manila

You can win as much as 100,000 Philippine pesos or approximately 1,480 British pounds daily at Resorts World Manila. Aside from huge cash prizes, you can also take home cool prizes like movie passes at the Newport Cinemas, iPod Nano, and gift certificates. Fun Bingo is held at Bar 360 and there are four bingo sessions each day.

The Beard Has Gone!

SCROUNGE ALERT: For those who didn’t notice (how?!) the beard has gone as is evidenced by the wedding photos which will be published shortly. I raised around £275 from the kids at school for doing it and my dad’s rounding it off to £300.

All money, as ever, is going to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Now… how’s about you folks help me round it up further? Say, to £500, before I send it on? Also, I’ll be trying to send it via someone in the US or Australia so they can claim tax relief on the donation to increase it even more.

If you want to donate, drop me a message. I’ll happily give you my PayPal or bank details.

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New plans!

Due to my change in circumstance (i.e. having a job and finding someone stupid enough to go out with me), backpacking is a little bit of a no-goer at the moment. Travelling, though, is still very much on the cards.

First up, the amazing Gillian is treating me to a long weekend in Venice for Valentine’s. I’ve been to Italy twice (once a quick visit to Rome, and again during The Walk when I covered the north west of the country by foot), but never seen this particular place. I’m very much looking forward to it and we’ll be there from February 12th to 15th.

Next, we’ll be taking the kids to Egypt at the start of July right after I finish work for summer. It’s only for a week and it’s a package tour but we will be aiming to fit in some diving and a trip to Luxor from our base in Sharm El Sheikh.

Plans are already afoot for a fortnight in Thailand in 2012. Assuming the Aztecs weren’t right and we’re all dead by then.

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