Going, going…

Over the last 2 nights, Chris has been helping me shift large boxes of utter rubbish that I should have thrown out years ago. Kim’s inherited most of my furniture and I’m currently tucked up in bed at my aunt’s in Johnstone with a van outside containing virtually all my worldly possessions.

With Chris having to go home (to a mad wife who couldn’t get the electric working) due to a dodgy stomach, I had to load the van myself. This was the world’s largest and heaviest game of Tetris. You know what it’s like trying to get everything you’ve bought into as few shopping bags as possible? Like that only with added muscle strain and spinal injury.

Fortunately, though 2 hours later than I intended, it stayed as Tetris and didn’t degenerate into a losing move in Jenga. There are a few things that didn’t fit, but Chris has foolishly … erm … kindly offered some loft space. He’s also welcome to use all the power tools that I’ll be leaving with him. My comfy hemispherical chair, though, won’t fit anywhere so it going to head tipwards when I get back.

I have now visited both grandmamas and my ickle cousin Louise (pics to be added once I take some). Next stop is Perth to see the parental units and play another game of Tetris (Orthopaedic Challenge version) trying to get all the boxes into their cellar.

Nearing D-Day

Monday night. Tonight’s aim is to get virtually everything I need for a 12-to-24-month trip into one large and one small rucksack. And I’ve not bought the small one yet. 20kgs into the big, and 7kg (plus laptop) into the small.

I really hoped to get this done yesterday, but I squeezed in quick visits to see Suzy and Tony & June after leaving Viv’s. Miraculously without a hangover. Must try harder when I get back, Viv!

Chris is coming over tomorrow to help me get everything boxed and to get that which is already boxed out of the loft. On Wednesday, the fool… erm… lovely chap is back over to eat more of my burgers and help me move furniture to Kim’s in Leeds. Then to fill the van with the boxes we moved on the Tuesday night.

Essentially, at that point, I will have nowt in the house except one bed, one sofa-bed, a smattering of food, and two cats. And hopefully, all my stuff for travelling including my tickets…

Panic, folks, is now gnawing at the bottom part of my belly. Slightly left of my belly button. Though it may be appendicitis.

Just to make things easier…

If you have a shufty down the right hand side you can now “subscribe” to this blog using Bloglet. Whenever I post something new, you’ll get an email sometime later that day with the first smidgen of the post in, and a link to the blog. No spam, no adverts, no fancy HTML emails, just a little link so you don’t miss anything!

I’ll be adding RSS feed once I can find a neat, tidy place to put the link!

Time getting short…

Next week I empty my house and move all my possessions north to my parents’. Chris, bless ‘im, has volunteered to help me move everything out of the loft and also to deliver some of my furniture to a friend who’s just had a baby.

I’m very much in the throes of “have I done everything?” and I’m sure I haven’t! There’s bound to be an address I’ve not updated, or something I’ve forgotten to pack. My aim is to have, by Tuesday evening, everything I intend to take in one 20kg(or less) rucksack and one 7kg (or less) carry-on rucksack, plus laptop. Essentially, what the airline will allow me. As luck would have it I just got one of those “please give us your old clothes” things through the door. I think I’ll fill a bag or so for them! Loathe as I am to part with old shirts, it makes sense and it’s not like I wear most of them any more.

Hard to believe it’s just under a month before I leave. And under 2 weeks before I’ll be dossing in other people’s houses!

Tiger update

I’ve swapped a few emails with the webmaster at the Tiger Temple and I should, hopefully, be spending a week there in early April. It appears, though, that this is as long as I can spend there. Unsurprisingly, they have a lot of volunteers!

If this is the case, I’ll be moving on to Blue Dragon in Hanoi a little sooner unless I can find something else to fill my time. If anyone knows of any charitable institutions around that kind of area (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) where I could be of use for a month or three then please let me know. One that’ll help me with accomodation would be preferred, though I’ll be able to budget better once I’m in the area.