Going, going…

Over the last 2 nights, Chris has been helping me shift large boxes of utter rubbish that I should have thrown out years ago. Kim’s inherited most of my furniture and I’m currently tucked up in bed at my aunt’s in Johnstone with a van outside containing virtually all my worldly possessions.

With Chris having to go home (to a mad wife who couldn’t get the electric working) due to a dodgy stomach, I had to load the van myself. This was the world’s largest and heaviest game of Tetris. You know what it’s like trying to get everything you’ve bought into as few shopping bags as possible? Like that only with added muscle strain and spinal injury.

Fortunately, though 2 hours later than I intended, it stayed as Tetris and didn’t degenerate into a losing move in Jenga. There are a few things that didn’t fit, but Chris has foolishly … erm … kindly offered some loft space. He’s also welcome to use all the power tools that I’ll be leaving with him. My comfy hemispherical chair, though, won’t fit anywhere so it going to head tipwards when I get back.

I have now visited both grandmamas and my ickle cousin Louise (pics to be added once I take some). Next stop is Perth to see the parental units and play another game of Tetris (Orthopaedic Challenge version) trying to get all the boxes into their cellar.

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