Nearing D-Day

Monday night. Tonight’s aim is to get virtually everything I need for a 12-to-24-month trip into one large and one small rucksack. And I’ve not bought the small one yet. 20kgs into the big, and 7kg (plus laptop) into the small.

I really hoped to get this done yesterday, but I squeezed in quick visits to see Suzy and Tony & June after leaving Viv’s. Miraculously without a hangover. Must try harder when I get back, Viv!

Chris is coming over tomorrow to help me get everything boxed and to get that which is already boxed out of the loft. On Wednesday, the fool… erm… lovely chap is back over to eat more of my burgers and help me move furniture to Kim’s in Leeds. Then to fill the van with the boxes we moved on the Tuesday night.

Essentially, at that point, I will have nowt in the house except one bed, one sofa-bed, a smattering of food, and two cats. And hopefully, all my stuff for travelling including my tickets…

Panic, folks, is now gnawing at the bottom part of my belly. Slightly left of my belly button. Though it may be appendicitis.

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