Updated plans

All the UK dates are the same as published in the first post, but after I arrive in Thailand… things get a bit hazy! I have volunteered to spend up to 6 months working at the Tiger Temple near Kanchanaburi and they’ve agreed to let me have a “trial” for a week in early April.

The only downside of this is that there is currently no free accomodation outside of the temple walls, so to save on housing I’ll have to live with the monks. This involved sleeping on a mat, eating one meal a day (at 8am) and following some simple guidelines. Hmm.

Of course, the upside is getting to work with tigers. Real, big, hairy, cuddly tigers.

In addition, one of the nice people offering to put me up in Melbourne has told me of an Australian guy who’s working with kids in Hanoi – the Blue Dragon Children’s Trust. Simply, he’s doing his best to keep them off the streets by teaching them things like how to play football and so on. Basically, getting kids out of poverty and encouraging them to learn and work – showing them there’s hope and a life they can aim for.

So I may be in Hanoi for a while as well.

If there’s anything else in that part of the world you reckon I’ve got to do/see, please let me know! There’s a contact form to the side somewhere, or use the comments.

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