Drive to Khao Tao

Another late night meant another lie in and the first time we missed breakfast at the hotel. Which was daft really, as after the last few days we really could have done with food! Sleep won, though, and we got all packed up and shifted to Joy’s house in Bangkok to await Sharon.

When she arrived, we packed all our kit into Nacho’s classic VW Camper Van (Riff and Colin would drool with jealous rage, until they found out it has no working aircon) and headed for the open road. Only the roads were blocked with traffic, so we didn’t go anywhere particularly quickly.

Eventually exiting Bangkok (and waking up once or twice) the roads were noticeably different. Slightly less well tended but with the same massive difference in housing alongside it. I also found out that what we call the “hard shoulder”, Thai’s call a “moped lane” and don’t really worry about what side of the central reservation it is – they go both ways up it regardless, as if it’s a road in its own right.

After 3 1/2 hours we made it to Hua Hin, drove straight through and 12kms later arrived in Khao Tao with one hot dog (Eddie) and a bag of very soft Celebrations. Bad choice of travel food with no aircon. Ah well.

We settled into the beach house (literally – open the back gate and at high tide you have maybe 5 yards of sand then the Pacific Ocean) and headed into Hua Hin for dinner.

I saw my first ladyboys, who really are as wholely unconvincing as they appear on the TV, and had a flyer foisted on me for the next night’s Muay Thai.

A quick wander to the shops to sort out some flip flops for me resulted instead in a purchase of milks and suntan lotion (close…) and a night was called to proceedings. Travel wipes you out, especially in 35 degree heat. No worries, by Sunday it’ll be a gentle 30.

I can’t complain as I’m still using private transport for the long journeys. This isn’t to last!

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