Films, cars and giggles

Task one this morning was to take that tie back. Now I have no idea of your consumer rights in Thailand and neither does Lou, but we traipsed back and – after much conversation where they were trying to offer her a credit note – we think they agreed to refund her card. Either way, the unopened bag and box with the tie in is back with the shop and they said they’d call the bank on the Monday regarding payment. I guess we’ll find out!

We them headed for the Siam Centre, which is (I think) the largest shopping precinct in Thailand and possibly SE Asia. There are three sections – Siam Centre, Discovery Centre and the newly-opened Siam Paragon. The shops outside form the Siam Square, but I’m not sure if they class as part of the centre or not.

There were two rather nice Lambourghinis on display at the entrance to the Paragon which I got some snaps of. A Murcielago and a Gallardo. Lou managed to restrain me from trying to drive off in one. It was a close thing.

Next stop, Asia Books to pick up a Vietnamese phrase book. Having a flick through, it has a very “handy” section on how to pick people up in bars. This includes such useful phrases as “can I kiss you”, “would you like to come back to my place for a massage” and “easy tiger!”. Good grief.

We them headed for the Gold Class cinema. For 500Baht – about the price of a regular ticket back home – you get soft, plush, reclining seats. And fluffy socks (only ours were missing). And a pillow. And a blanket – which is bizarre. They whack up the aircon then give you a blankie to keep warm. For an extra 100Baht you can get a seat with a back massager as well.

You also have table service and can drink beer while you watch the film. After the trailers and before the film, all cinemas play the national anthem which you have to stand for. This is a little awkward when it starts and you’re reclined backwards and have to fight your way off the seat!

The film we saw was Eight Below, a half-decent Disney yarn about some huskies. The dogs themselves were definitely the stars of the film. Lovely animals. I’d rather have seen V For Vendetta but they only have one film at a time on at the posh screens.

Afterwards, we headed for the Bulls Head for dinner, a drink or two and the 2-monthly comedy club. Don’t ask who the acts were as I’d not heard of them before, but they were all superb. One of the people we went with is co-owner of the pub and he made quite an impression on the compére. Her opening line was “Are you in show business, sir? Then get your ******* stuff off my stage.”

This was followed by several comments about his lack of hair, age and so on. Basically, she ripped him apart. When she came on after the first act, she was somewhat more contrite. “I just found out you’re the owner. I guess I won’t be coming back, then?”

Overall, a cracking night. I was sore from laughing by the end of it. A shame they only do it every 8 weeks or so as I’ll be elsewhere by the time the next one comes round.

2 thoughts on “Films, cars and giggles

  1. You managed to pay £75 for a tie… in Thailand? You can get entire silk suits for less than half that! Heck, it would even get you a few drinks and a movie for two people in London, with change!

    Or about four day’s rent.


  2. Hey, *I* didn’t pay £75 for it. Lou did. And I need to chase her to make sure she’s got the refund. After all, the tie’s been returned.

    I know I could have got a whole suit for less, but we had about 2 hours to get me kitted out between returning from Hua Hin and going out for the evening. It takes some women this long just to get their slap on…

    4 days’ rent? I’m currently paying a shade over £2 a day (1020 Baht for 5 nights) in a hostel with free WIFI.


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