Happy birthday to Lou!

Today was Lou’s birthday so we had a little party for her and deluged her with many gifts and cards that were rude about her age. Even the hotel joined in, turning up at the room door with a cake and a card. Admittedly the card was meant for a guy 5 floors below, apologising for a cockup with his limo hire (he had Lou’s card, much to his consternation) but we sorted that.

Lunch was at Muy Thai, Joy’s (you know who she is by now) new “healthy eating” noodle bar. Sadly, the front is obscured by people queueing for “Rotti Boy”, the latest fast food craze in Thailand. So we walked past making comments about how rottis are made from rotted baby parts. I don’t think the queue understood, but we tried.

Brief shopping was done (genuine CD in department store roughly £5.63, knock-off on street corner £1.40) before heading hotelwards to get dolled up for Lou’s birthday night out.

One of her friends had organised dinner at the Sofitel’s V9 restaurant – 39 floors up and offering a stunning view of the city. Mind, you pay for that view with the menu prices. The food was outstanding (I’ve never eaten nicer duck), but really expensive. Lou got another birthday cake which I devoured most of. Sorry for that, but it was nice.

The taxi ride back (at 2:30am – they kicked us out) was a lot shorter than the one there, mainly as we got a driver who knew where he was going. A word of advice – always know where you’re going when you get in a cab in Bangkok, that is where your destination actually is as these guys don’t sit “The Knowledge” to get a license!

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