Last day in the UK… *gulp*

A bit of catchup here, as I’ve not really posted for a few days. As seems to be common now, I’ll start with an OSCAR-contending list of “thank you”s. This is by no means exhaustive and apologies if I’ve missed you off!

Dewi – cheers for a cracking afternoon/evening out in London. I can’t believe we drank that much beer and still managed to walk afterwards. I also can’t believe the bar tab. And the fact that it cost almost as much to see a film aferwards. Eek.

Andi – thank you for the use of the flat for 2 days, and please pass on more thanks to your flatmate for letting me use his room. I kind of like arguing with someone who knows way more about world culture than me and who doesn’t hate me for being ignorant. Here’s hoping the next year or so opens my eyes up a bit!

Sharon – for putting me up on my last night in the UK. And driving me to the airport (shortly). And taking me to a pub where I tried wild boar for the first time (nice, by the way. Sort of chickeny colour, beefy taste and gammony texture). And for putting up with me whinging about my back which went *twang* yesterday of all days.

Phil – for not being too annoyed with me missing his wedding in April. I shall raise a glass (or 20) to you on the day, my friend.

Chris and Lydia and Anna-Louise – for the use of their loft space. Chris, help yourself to some of the whisky. Lyds, help yourself to the Star Wars duvet when you make him sleep in the bathroom once he’s polished it off.

Elaine in Bris – for forgiving me for forgetting to tell her all my arrangements had changed and I wouldn’t be there in early April after all. Oops.

Indy and Rob – for their information about NZ and offers of accomodation when I get there. You fools.

Hans – for tons of useful information garnered on his many backpacking trips round the globe.

Anni – for looking after the two most precious things I had in my house.

Andy – for looking after the other 250 or so precious things. I want all those DVDs back, mind.

Kim and Steve – for being two of the best neighbours a person could ask for. Steve for the DIY help and Kim for virtually always being on hand to feed the cats. Also for putting me up when I got rid of all my furniture and driving me to Leeds station after a night out getting wasted before I left.

The little chav next door – for making me realise how lucky I am that my other neighbours aren’t filth.

Colin – for being mad enough to be my mate for longer than just about anyone else I know and still put me up when I randomly arrive in Cambridge with other people in tow.

Dawn – for being just so flipping nice

Viv – for being just so flipping nice, but in a more northerly kind of way

The staff at SSP – for a fantastic working year-or-so. It was an utter pleasure to know every one of you, even if you weren’t upset enough when I left. I wanted at least one woman in tears, dammit.

Mum and Dad – for more reasons than I can list here.

As of today, my phone is on Pay As You Talk so I’ll be making very few calls. Once I’m heading for the plane, it will go off. It’ll be switched on once every 60 days, just to keep the SIM “alive”. Don’t ring or text me on it as I won’t reply! Please, feel free to leave comments here or email me. If I get a new phone over there, I’ll pass the number on to those who want it.

I’ve got to go now as Sharon’s starving (it is almost 1pm and we’ve not had breakfast as I’ve been re-packing and stuff!) and I won’t be online again until I get to Thailand.

My flight takes off (hopefully) at 21:30 this evening. Raise a glass, if you would be so kind. I will see you all… when I see you!

7 thoughts on “Last day in the UK… *gulp*

  1. I promise I won’t drink them all. Although I’m sure after 18 – 24 months that you wouldn’t possibly be able to remember how much was in each bottle (even the unopened ones) 🙂

    Hope to see a post to say you have made it through customs at the other end of your flight without someone shoving a rubber glove up your arse looking for drugs (now how guilty will I feel for joking if that actually happens!).

    Safe journey and don’t get eaten by tigers, it kinda hurts.

    Take care


  2. Just good luck my love.. and keep us all posted… arrive safe and well!!!

    (the flipping nice one……. thats not what they all say but thank you :o))

  3. Don’t forget the pictures of the tigers for SWMBO!

    Take it easy dude and have fun. We’ll catch up with you in NZ next year….

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