Getting better – and put in charge

Nothing really much to report other than my stomach now seems to be working OK. I’ve submitted a lesson plan to Blue Dragon based on a 3-week project for the kids and the feedback is positive so I now need to start on individual lessons for translation into Vietnamese. Something to do in New Zealand when I’m not chucking myself out of planes and things.

For a short period this evening, I was in charge of the hostel. They were short-staffed and the girl on duty had to go and pick up a new tenant from the station. I stepped into the breach in return for which I was told I could drink as much beer as I wanted. They knew I had been ill and couldn’t drink! However, it seems the offer’s extended until I leave – very generous 🙂

Today I have managed a large chicken baguette (which took about 3 hours) and a large plate of potato wedges. The pizza place nearby does apple crumble so I’m going to work my way up to that, hopefully before I ship out on Saturday.

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