Guns ‘n’ arrows

 Our last day in Wanaka before driving to Queenstown. We did the usual in the morning – slept in far too late and had breakfast. Then had lunch after a quick visit to the shops and the pricey interwebnet place.

On the way out, we stopped off at Have A Shot to do all the other activities we couldn’t fit in yesterday. Just over $50 each for around 3 hours’ fun. 50 balls each on the driving range, 30 shots on three targets using the .22 rifles, 40 minutes between us at the archery and 20 shots each at clay pigeon shooting.

The day ended in a draw. No score on the driving range, though I’m definitely a better golfer! I did spend most of my time trying to smash the TV on a plinth around 50m from the tee. There’s a prize for doing this, as there is for getting balls into either of the two white barrels which are slightly further back.

Lou marginally won at the .22 rifle range. Flipping dead-eye. Half of her last 10 shots went in the bull. Mind, when you looked at some of the targets on the wall, we paled in comparison. In fairness, three of them were by an ex-US Army sniper.

I definitely ruled on the archery. I think Lou only managed to get four or five holes in her target at all. I won’t embarass her with the score difference (even knocking off the “5” she scored on my target). The clay pigeon shooting ended in a draw. Apparently the average for a first-timer is between 1 and 6 out of 20 shots – we both scored five. I didn’t wake up the next morning with a sore shoulder from pulling bows and supporting rifles, though!

We got to Queenstown just as darkness was falling – and relocated The Rock – deciding to stop at the Top Ten camper van park. There were other places, but they all charged money for showers and so forth. This one’s got private saunas and spa baths which are extra, but that’s fair enough. Also, it’s less than five minutes walk into the town centre. The facilities are clean and spacious, the surroundings great and I believe it’s the only fully environmentally-certified camper park in New Zealand. They even urge you to keep food scraps in little paper baggies for their worm farm!

Dinner was two Fergburgers from a shop on Shotover Street. They were typically Kiwi. That is, if you placed twn of them together in one location they’d probably trigger continental drift. Bloody huge.

A couple of pints in Pog Mahones (an Irish pub that can apparently be dismantled in less than 30 minutes in case the town floods again) set us up for a short stagger back to the van before lights-out.

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  1. A worm farm’s a very ecological way of taking unwanted foodstuff and mulching it down for compost. Worms take stuff like that in, break it down and digest it before excreting useful compounds into the soil and churning the soil up at the same time.

    And Pog Mahone’s can be dismantled in 3 hours – not 30 mins. My mistake!

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