Just chillin’

I’ve managed to get SKype running so some of you can expect some phone calls when I’m somewhere suitably equipped. Aside from that I’ve had a typical Sunday, really – I’ve done nowt.

Took a small wander this morning and bought some new laces (when in reality I need new shoes), then wandered into The Warehouse. This is the kind of shop that sells everything at a huge discount. But it’s all kinda crappy. I found a 2-DVD set of KISS live with the Aussie Philharmonic (the DVD version of KISS Alive IV which I have on CD). The set was less than I paid for the CD versions. Cashcard in hand, I bought it. In my defense, I resisted buying another two films.

Next stop was a computer games shop. I had all good intentions of buying something Lou and I could play in the minibus next week. Instead, I bought CSI, Evil Genius and Sacred Plus. Ah well. They’ll keep me going in Vietnam. Well, CSI won’t. I’ve almost finished it. All were vastly reduced in a sale, so I spent less than £15 on all three.

One thing I’ve noticed over here is a “rounding” on prices if you pay by cash. Basically, there are no coins of a denomination smaller than 5c. Yet you’ll find many goods priced with a tail end of 99c. Obviously, unless you use plastic or buy multiple items you simply cannot pay this amount. The receipt for my laces shows a subtotal of $3.99 followed by “5 Cent Rounding” of 1c and a total of $4.00. I wonder how much extra cash companies make each year from this? Mind you, paying by plastic is incredibly common in NZ – virtually everyone has EFTPOS (electronic point of sale). This includes at least one taxi company who actually have card readers installed in the cabs with a Telecom link for card verification.

Aside from that, I’ve burned another 2 CDs full of photos which I’ll mail to the folks tomorrow for safe keeping. The free dinner was roast beef (delicious) with spuds (dodgy) and veg (awful). I supplemented it with a bag of jelly beans, a Snickers, a bag of crisps and a Burger King. This was on top of a now-traditional lunch of cheesy beans on toast. I have managed to liberate a can opener from the third floor for the sole purpose of getting into my beans. Said can opener now lives under my pillow.

On the way to BK, I saw a camper van being towed away outside while the backpacker driver stood on and looked distraught. Not surprising when you bear in mind they were also taking away all his posessions and his bed. I walked back from buying my burger a few minutes later and a Toyota was being winched up while one of the wardens jemmied the door open.

They really take their parking offenses seriously over here.

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