More snowy fun

Another day on the mountain, though the visibility was “poor” according to the rather polite board on arrival. The signpost which went up later in the day to say that the Greengates area was closed due to “Poopy Visibility” was closer to the mark.

We set off later than yesterday as we both only had one class to attend, and there’s the option of morning or afternoon. To try and give Lou’s knee a chance to sort itself out, we caught the bus at 10:30 after a bit of a walk around town, but to no avail. She could barely bend it to get her bindings on. One day wasted for her and things don’t seem too good for it being better by tomorrow. Lou hopped on the first bus back at 1:30 and I gave the slopes a chance.

Thankfully they cleared slightly by 2:00 so I joined my class and we messed about for two hours, being shown how to do things that none of us were capable of by a very helpful instructor. Helpful, but not miracle-worker. I still have a long way to go before I’m rotating on heel while going downhill. At least on purpose.

I got to the top of the M1 run just as the lift shut down and made it back in time to get the second last bus. Another early night after dinner, I feel. You wouldn’t think sliding down a hill could be so exhausting but my muscles loved me for treating them to a hot shower when I got back.

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