I am now officially a teacher

Well, officially in that I taught some kids today. In that I rattled some stuff off some notes I made. In that someone else translated for me. But pretty close. And the kids managed to pick up everything they were meant to. If anything I underestimated them as I’d planned on an hour and things only ran to 35 minutes or so.

I managed to sort the one remaining PC using a shared CD drive and the lesson kicked off a little late, but the kids seemed happy and Tho was a great help translating my witterings into Vietnamese. Tomorrow’s plan is to have them taking pictures and drawing so we can put these onto a web page. Less computer time, more time having fun with stuff!

While I was waiting for the CDs, we played word games with some of the kids who are learning English. Some of them are pretty good, but it’s when you’re with someone who’s only starting on the language that you realise how difficult some things can be. Vietnemese, for instance, doesn’t have a “j” sound as in “jump” so that’s a whole thing for them to learn. Words like “ride” and “write” sound very similar to someone native in a non-Latin-based tongue as well. But, hey, they’re doing a lot better learning my language than I am at learning theirs.

As what is now becoming usual, I went to the Pho Place for lunch. I think I got a bigger serving than last time. At this rate I’ll not need any other meals in a day. It almost makes up for the chicken/bacon/cheeseburger and chips I had for dinner last night.

2 thoughts on “I am now officially a teacher

  1. Very true. I mean, I now take it for granted, but it’s when you start trying to teach it to someone else that you realise how flipping difficult it really is! How on earth did I manage to remember all those rules about which word to use where?

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