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The last few days have had their ups and down (mainly downs) but you’re not visiting here to read about my personal life, you’re wanting stuff about other countries and stuff. A quick “thank you”, though, to everyone for your comments and mails. I’m a big boy – I’ll get over things, and Lou and I are still on good terms. Just… not going out together any more.

An extra special “thank you” to Megan and the two older people who look after her. I never did get any more pictures of her, but I think Lisa managed to get about 5 minutes (of the several hours) I spent making stupid faces and gurgling at her. If that makes it onto the internet, I will sue!

This last week or so has, to be fair, been a flipping nightmare. As well as being officially dumped, the Fear Factory gig for which I’d altered my timetable and headed to Auckland in the first place was cancelled with only a few days to go. Then my house sale had another hiccup, though thankfully that’s recovered so it’s only delayed things by a few days (I hope).

As a result, I’m actually kind of glad to be out of Auckland. Much as I do like the place, it now holds too many memories.

I’m writing this in Elaine’s lounge in Brisbane. After a 4:30am rise to catch the first AirBus of the day from Auckland to the airport, my journey was plane (har har) sailing. The staff on the Virgin Blue flight were superb – I thought the last time I flew with them may have been a fluke, but it seems they deliberately pick their staff for their ability to make you laugh while still taking their job seriously.

The senior flight attendant was one “Clark Kent” (his badge named him as Beauregard, so I may have just let slip his secret identity) and he and the rest coped rather well with a drunk bunch of footie fans towards the back of the plane. Don’t get me wrong – they weren’t disruptive, just rather boisterous. “Clark” gave us the usual instructions including how to put on our “Gucci designed” lifejackets and a reminder that after using the lavatory we should press the big blue button marked “flush”. Handily, the male passengers were also informed that the female flight attendant had been fully trained in how to spot open flies, so it was best to double-check before leaving the toilet.

I definitely laughed more on this flight than on any other I have been on, and I needed the lift. Thanks to them and I’ll certainly consider them for the future. Having said that, I’m flying Quantas to Melbourne in a week as I couldn’t get a Virgin Blue flight at a reasonable time of day!

Elaine collected me from the airport after getting stuck in a horrendous traffic jam, but at least this meant that she got to arrive, grab me and leave before the car park charges mounted up too much. I had my first official KFC in Australia, so that’s been gotten out the way as well. Technically, that was breakfast. Mmm… healthy.

As soon as I switched on my laptop, I found about 8 wireless signals I could take my pick from. I believe I’m using number 11’s right now. Not the best in the world, but it’s easier than using a cybercafe.

We’re off to see Craig, one of Elaine’s sons, shortly. From there, I’m being dropped in the centre of town to meet Belinda & Albert for a walk, dinner and Fear Factory (which hasn’t been cancelled in Brisbane). I’m staying with them overnight and seeing my cousin tomorrow for the first time in more years than I’d care to remember – and her kids for the first time ever. Late Saturday till Monday I’m spending with Elaine out on the Gold Coast and around Brisbane city. Hectic!

No idea about the rest of the week as all three of my kind hosts are at work, though I fly to Melbourne on Saturday to start my stint down there with the Luxfords. *phew*

Expect pics and things soon!

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  1. You know I am here for you.. to chat to whenever you need. But don’t give up your day touring to take up comedy, from the plane (harhar) perfomance you gave through this one ……

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