Not good

Sorry for the lack of posts recently and there won’t be many for a while yet. I’m still in Auckland and the bad news is that Lou and I have parted ways. As a result, I’m completely heartbroken and I’m really not up to blogging. Or much else, to be honest. I hope the two of us can remain friends, but right now all I can think about is what I’ve lost and I don’t even know why it’s happened.

I fly to Brisbane on Friday morning, then on to Melbourne after that. I haven’t planned on my next destination but I’ll need to sort something out fairly soon. I’m awaiting a call back from the Oz Consulate to let me know if I can fly in without an onward ticket as I’ll have the funds from my house sale in my bank account.

Right now I should be happy as Larry with a bulging bank account and the world at my fingertips. Instead I can only think of what I’ve lost and what will no longer be. Sorry for being so down in public, but friends will know that I’m a very open person and I needed to let you all know.

16 thoughts on “Not good

  1. Still value. Despite immediate family she’s about the most important person in my life right now, but I guess that has to change.

    Getting pissed = bad idea. I did that once when I was dumped and ended up being late for work as I tried to patch up the holes in my hand.

  2. Oh mate, I’m gutted for you. I hope you can stay friends. Just remember you’re doing things most of the rest of us are still dreaming about. Also bad news about the beard. It suited. Big hugs in a manly thinking of you way. Dale.

  3. Sorry to hear about it dude.
    (not sorry to hear about the beard going though, that’s great!!!)

    I guess we’re all having a pretty crap time of it. You already know what happened to me earlier this year, and it hasn’t got any better from there.
    I lost my shop now too, so I’m currently unemployed!

    What a great year.

    If you need someone to be miserable with, you know my e-mail address.

  4. Thanks, Dale. I’m actually at her flat right now and I can’t see why we can’t remain friends. She’s a wonderful person and the only issue is my problem getting over her.

    I can always grow another beard – but I doubt I can find another Louise.

  5. And LL – I am so sorry to hear about that. In the grand scheme of things I know I’m far better off than so many other people, but it just doesn’t feel it right now.

    And I can just hear Bob: “Just get over her. She’s only a f***ing woman you w***er. Get a life!” 🙂

  6. Ah, Bob wasn’t like that. He was sentimental when it came to women. (especially me!)
    If you’d done something to yourself though, like breaking your leg or getting put in prison for drug smuggling, he’d be laughing all the way!

    I finally got confirmation of the college courses I’m doing today though, so it proves that good things still happen.

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