The dead! They’re watching me!

A slightly morbid day today. I hopped off the train into town a stop or two early to go to the Amazing Human Body exhibition. WARNING – the link isn’t for the squeamish! Essentially, it’s a lot of bodies where the skin has been removed and the organs etc preserved using a process called “plastination”.

There are several exhibitions on the go at any one time worldwide, and this one is my first. It’s fascinating, to say the least. There are even exhibits showing the detailed blood vessels in the arm and some internal organs, and for the first time I actually got to see the three tiny bones that make up the inner ear.

OK, some may call me morbid but I’ve always had an interest in biology (I even started a degree in Biomedical Science) but not the aptitude to carry on a career in it. The exhibition was at the RNA Showgrounds and was $22 to get in, plus an extra $2 for an audio gadget thingy with more information on each of the exhibits. No photography allowed, unfortunately, but I suppose most of you are happier about that!

Something that impressed me was the behaviour of the three school groups walking around. There were around 80 boys and girls from, I’d guess, 12 to 16 years of age. And not one was pointing and giggling at the willies. I can guarantee you that would be exactly what would happen in the UK.

Afterwards, I decided to chill out a bit and walked into town. The weather was pleasant without being too hot (or I’m getting used to it again) and I’d arranged to meet Belinda for a Subway. On the way in I saw a wonderfully ironic sight – 8 women stood in bright sunshine smoking away… outside the Queensland Cancer Trust building. Shining example, ladies. I’m sure the Heart Foundation two doors down were equally as impressed.

Lunch over, I opted to spend the afternoon in the shade. My cold’s advancing nicely and I’m at the “feeling dehydrated” stage so didn’t want to do anything too hot or sweaty. Or involving any effort. Or people. So I headed back to the library and read comics while sucking on mints to stop my tickly cough bothering the other visitors.

Six o’clock rolled round and I walked back to Belinda’s work and we got on the train out to her friend’s in Indooroopilly. After a quick chat, we drove out for dinner at a Chinese, met Albert back from his week in Sydney and had a hot chocolate before going to the cinema. Like a proper bunch of grown-ups, we immediately bought tickets for Monster House… in 3D! A word to parents: don’t take your kids to see this film. It scared the bejabbers out of me – I’d hate to think of the effect on a 6 year-old.

Afterwards, we retired back to Indooroopilly for a quick glass of non-alcoholic fizzy grape juice and some more talking before I was driven back to B&A’s for the last time (on this visit at least).

Tomorrow (Saturday), I head for Melbourne and don’t know when I’ll next be online. I’d guess towards the middle of the week. A huge “thank you” to Belinda and Albert for their hospitality and help over the last couple of days!

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