Video and picture update

Finally, I’ve had the chance to upload a few videos that I’ve mentioned in my posts. Dodgy leached wireless connections are rarely reliable enough to do this, so thanks to Rob and Indy for the use of their broadband connections to get these things up here.

In addition, I’ve put up a selection of photos from Invercargill, Stewart Island and my trip to see Sirocco on FotoPic.

Rattling a few shots off on an M-60 at the Cu Chi Tunnels on August 22nd 2006. [21.52Mb]

Mimosa pudica demonstrating Thigmonasty, also from August 22nd 2006. [5.10Mb]

Singapore Zoo – two giant tortoises engaging in some adult activity. Filmed mainly as I couldn’t believe the noise! Relating to the post on August 25th 2006. [1.7Mb]

The sound of silence – some of the beautiful and peaceful beachfront on Stewart Island from September 4th 2006. [13.02Mb] Posted by Picasa

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