Wine and marsupials

 My cold had definitely started to feel better overnight so, armed with only one spare handkerchief, we jumped into the car and drove off in to the wild green yonder. Today’s excursions started with the Yarra Valley wineries. There are more than a handful of these, and Lyn positively insisted that we stop at three of them. This of course meant having to “taste” more then just a few of their products. The sacrifices I put myself through for my reading public. It’s a hard life.

 Amazingly, we managed to come across something I never thought I’d find – a red wine I was actually happy to pay money for. Which I did. Well, I’m off to a barbie on Saturday night so I need to take something. The three places we visited were very different from each other and, frankly, I was impressed with the staff’s knowledge of wines, and what you can eat with them.

 Somewhat enjoying the pre-lunch snifters, I was taken to a local bakery for some great grub before all the alcohol went straight to my easily befuddled brain.

With a few hours to kill, we then drove to the Healesville Sanctuary to look at more animals. Always a good way to spend time! Following an enjoyable birds of prey show (which Jessica almost missed as she ran back to the entrance to sponge a pen from one of the staff), we saw dingoes, echidnae, platypus, roos, owls, koala, possum (various types), wombat… you name it. I got to stroke one of the wombats and a dingo. Well worth the trip.

 Lyn made a rather delicious ravioli in a home-made tomato sauce for dinner. Wonderful on the tongue, but the culinary equivalent of pillarbox red cement when I came to doing the dishes the next morning! Posted by Picasa

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