Bye bye Cairns… for now

Well, my last day in Cairns was fairly uneventful. I woke up stupidly early, probably as my eyes were glued shut and my subconscious didn’t like that very much. I gave them a wash, and the pinkness was definitely reduced compared to the night before. Likely something I’d just picked up in the water. I’ll leave my glasses on for a couple of days to be on the safe side. I need to sort more contact lenses out anyway as I only have two pairs left which will last me until new year.

Lunch was beans on toast, dinner was an enormous roast beef dinner at the Wool Shed and I had some good company. Talia, a nurse from Townsville working in Cairns for three weeks and who’s room I’d been camping outside to get a wireless signal wandered over with me. When I was there I bumped into Paulina, a Swedish girl I met on the way back from the rafting. We were joined by another Swede, two Norwegians, a Mancunian and two Danes.

The staff at Caravella were great and I’ve got Ivan’s email address – if I make it up here again for the reef spawning then I have a dive buddy!

I rattled through a ton of stuff online and then caught the last bus at 22:30 to the airport. Cairns airport has a handy feature – benches you can sleep on. And showers in the toilets, should you need them. Very backpacker-friendly! I’m typing this up sat on my “bed” for the night, the only issue being how I can keep my bed while still running to the loo to brush my teeth as it’ll mean leaving my luggage unattended!

If my laptop gets blown up, you’ll know why…

*insert shimmery “time has passed* visual effect here*

I slept quite well on that bench, actually. I woke to find all of the benches in use and checked onto my flight dot on 4:10. I’m now in the departure lounge and wishing I’d opted for an extra hour’s sleep. I could have checked in at 5:10 and still been in good time for the flight. D’oh.

As usual in Australia, all the internet access in the airport is prohibitively expensive. In NZ you can use your home broadband username/password to access the wireless system in the major airports for free! Singapore doesn’t charge you for plugging into a wall socket (though wireless is chargeable). Very strange. I just wonder if anyone would collar me trying to unplug one of the machines in the cybercafe and replacing it with my laptop?

Yeah, probably.

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