Hello, new readers!

OK, I’m actually sat in Peter Pan Travel in Brisbane to book those bus trips. The wait’s about half an hour so they just said to jump online for a while. Bwahaaha! Wonder if I can hack their machines as easily as the ones in Brisbane central library…

Anyway, I’ve been dishing the web page address around a bit recently so I’d like to say a few “hello”s to some random people. I apologise as I won’t remember many (any) names. Don’t take this personally – I’m just rubbish with names.

So hello to:

  • the Thai girl I talked to on the train from the Gold Coast on Saturday – thank you for your advice on places to visit in Thailand! I’ll be back there in March, I think
  • the Canadian girl I got talking to in Borders – hope you enjoy NZ!
  • Nikkie’s kids – enjoy the photos, and don’t assume the only place to visit when you’re old enough is Bali!
  • the Brisbane Roar supporters on the train the other day – good luck for the rest of the season!
  • anyone else I’ve forgotten – drop me an email (link to the right)!

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