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 Well, it was about time I acted like a child again. This is one of the best bits about being grown up – along with eating chocolate for breakfast and walking into a restaurant to order a desert without a main course. You get to choose when you go to the theme park without anyone else having to decide for you.

OK, OK – I had to scrounge a lift from B & A, and we were joined by Justin who I’ve met a couple of times before. The park we chose was Warner Bros Movie World. Being the last day of the school holidays in Brisbane, we expected the worst… only to find that the queues were pretty good. There was just the right number of people to create an atmosphere in the shows and for the parade, while not having to wait longer than 10 minutes for any ride we went on. Great weather, too.

 So what did we go on? Well, the Superman ride was amazing. 0-100kmh in less than 2 seconds followed by a rather twisty rollercoaster. Lethal Weapon was also pretty scary, being one of those rides where you dangle from the harness and go upside down a lot. The Wild West log ride got us all wet and the Scooby Doo roller coaster was scarier than I expected.

The other rides were fairly tame but enjoyable. Shrek-4D had some impressive 3D and other effects (I won’t spoil it), while the new Batman ride was well designed and does throw you around a fair bit.

 As with most theme parks, the worst part was paying for food at lunchtime. The meals were roughly twice the price you’d expect to pay in a regular burger bar, though the steak burger I got was delicious.

I’d recommend the whole park to anyone, though at $60 it’s quite pricey for people here, I gather. If you wait till the right time, you get deluged with money-off vouchers but, of course, this was the school holidays so that wasn’t going to happen. There’s still Dream World, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild to get through yet!

 Oh, the visit did raise a very important question: who’s fitter? Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman or the redhead from Scooby Doo? Frankly, I didn’t want to choose. Partly as they were all delicious in their own individual costumes, and partly because I’m sure they could all kick my ass if I chose the others. Yes, I admit. I got all “teenage” over women in tight costumes. Deal with it. It’s the Y-chromosome in me.

All pics courtesy of Belinda – thank you! Posted by Picasa

4 thoughts on “Movie World

  1. Yep yep – catgirls are hawt. And CatGirl herself…. rowr 😀 Batgirl never really did it for me. Cats have got that whole slinky thing going on. Which reminds me, Australia is I think the only country that you can find “Cats!” still playing in English. Amazing how hot and slinky those dancers were in Drury Lane.

  2. Dewi, sometimes you worry me… In my eyes, it was more to do with the tight lycra and fantastic legs she had. And nice bottom. And great figure.

    Mind you, Wonder Woman was *very* nice as well.

    I think we should stop now. This is a friendly blog, but not *that* friendly.

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