Update to plans

OK, folks. I have started booking flights and buses. Take a look to the right hand side for dates and a link to my Google calendar (you’ll need Javascript enabled to see all the bumph).

Essentially, I leave Brisbane on the 8th of November to spend a couple of days in Cairns where hopefully I’ll be able to book a couple of night dives as the Great Barrier Reef spawns. Fromn there, a 7-day bus ride/camping expedition across the desert to Alice Springs, and then on to Kings Canyon and Uluru (Ayer’s Rock to all you white people) before returning to Alice. Another 3-day bus ride from there to Darwin where I’ll catch my breath (and hopefully retrieve my passport, which is currently with the Indian consulate) before flying to Singapore on the 23rd.

I have no definite plans from there except to be in India by the 12th of December to meet up with Hans. Expect a lot more pictures and a black spot in communications during the desert trip. I’ll try to keep blog postings up to date on my laptop for a huge update around the 21st when I get to Darwin.

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