Definitely heading for Singapore this time

OK, after the delay and all I will be flying to Singapore in a little over 12 hours. I have some plans for when I get there and, depending on the weather, I’ll also take a coach/boat trip to an island off the East of Malaysia for some very cheap diving. Details, as ever, will be on here as and when.

I’ve pretty much chilled the last couple of days, as planned, had a wild night out at the Vic and then got an invite to Sharna’s “official” 21st birthday party. Thanks to her for that – it was pretty much close friends and family so it says yet again how welcoming and friendly the Aussies are that she asked me to come despite only knowing me a few days.

I’m currently hidden in my room (that I’ve checked out of…) using free internet that I’ve only just discovered. Grr. I could have saved around $30 over the last few days, but hey-ho. At least I know for next time. The band I saw at the Vic on Friday are due to play here this afternoon so I’ll likely head down and watch them if they’re allowed to play louder than the volume on the multitude of TVs showing the cricket. After that, a swim, a shower, some dinner and then to just kick back and set my alarm so I don’t miss my airport shuttle at half midnight.

A quick “thanks” to Esther, as well, for being such a cool dorm-mate over the last week!

Next update will be from McD’s near my hostel in Singapore, assuming they still do the free wireless!

Goodbye, again, to Koala Country and I’ll be back sometime to see the West!

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