The post arrived today… and it included both my passport and my PADI card. Whew. More relief than the biggest poop ever after the biggest curry ever. But less smelly.

Thing is, I’ve reached the point where I’ve almost talked myself into staying in Darwin for another week to chill out as I’ve met a few nice people to hang with. It means dumping a £60 flight and accomodation is around £8 a night as opposed to the £3 or so it’d cost in Singapore. I now need to decide if this is worth it or not.

I have enough to do in Singapore to keep me busy for maybe five days, then I was going to travel up towards Kuala Lumpur then on to Borneo, but I believe it’s rainy season there. This means I’d have time to kill and not a lot to do, as it would be better to wait till Feb/Mar and return that way to see the country when the weather’s improved. So should I spend another week here relaxing instead.

Decision made. I found out that I could change my Tiger flight for around AUS$70, which isn’t a lot. So I’m spending the weekend here and flying out at silly o’clock on Monday instead!

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