December? But it’s hot and sticky!

 A bit of a lazy day this one. I walked up to Mustafa’s shopping centre with Gurpreet, a girl from London who’d landed the previous day. We were just on the lookout for a few bits and bobs and found them after getting lost in the huge building.

 After all that walking, we needed lunch so we stopped off at a cafe just opposite. To suit Gurpreet, we picked a vegetarian one and I got her to rder as everything was Indian dishes I’d never heard of! I’m not sure what I had, but it was tasty although I’ve just received a court summons from my mouth for fire damage. Lime juice, though lovely, does nothing to reduce the damage caused by excess chilli intake.

 I spent the afternoon just loafing in the hostel and headed out in the early evening with another English girl (who’s name I’ve forgotten – sorry!) to see Orchard Road after dark. We got there around twilight and watched all the sparkly lights come on. It does look less cheesy, but it’s not up to Blackpool’ standards!

 We didn’t have a lot more to do, so started to walk back home. On the way we heard a manic woman screaming into a microphone (as all 20-something DJs do to try and connect with “the kids”). Investigating, we found a street/breakdancing competition. The stage was well surrounded, but we managed to squeeze in and watched for a few rounds. Impressive stuff if you like watching teenagers twist themselves into pretzels and make you wonder how their wrists don’t snap.

Back at the hostel, beer was imbibed until the early hours and then bed called – far too late! Posted by Picasa

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