Running around Mumbai

There’s not a whole heck o a lot to do here, so we idled in the hotel until midday when we had to check out. Making the most of the cable TV and so on, then dropping our bags into left luggage before hailing a cab into the city.

McD’s for breakfast (at 1:30pm), then some internet time which didn’t last long as the machines kept crashing. Then more internet. Then flight bookings (we’re now sorted for travel to Kolkata and Bangladesh). Finally, we went to the railway station and paged through the tome they call a timetable to book our train ticket to Bangalore.

A quick snack in Leopold’s was the only other thing. We were going to see Kabul Express at the cinema, but it seems it’s only in Hindi which is a shame.

So now, we just while away the time and wait for our 3:40am flight to Sri Lanka!

*twiddles thumbs*

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