Planes, trains and autorickshaws

It may be a day or three until the next major update although I have time to kill in Mumbai tomorrow, so may spend most of it online!

We’ve left Palolem (sadly) and started our trek northwards. A big wave and a “really hope to see you again soon” to everyone we met at the beach. I simply can’t remember all your names, but of the top of my head: Sharna, Harriet, Alex, Emma, Charlie, Noa, Katrina, Caroline, Leigh… I know there are more! We had a great time and with any luck will catch up with a handful of these folks in Nepal.

The bus ride up here was bumpy to say the least, but I slept for most of it courtesy of very little kip the night before. Too many beers and great company – thanks, Noa! We popped into a service cafe – I think used by the bus drivers – when we arrived in Margao and paid a whopping 7/- each for two bottles of Mountain Dew before hopping into an autorickshaw to the train station.

Right now I’m at said station waiting for our train to Mumbai. It’s an overnight sleeper and I look forward (ish) to seeing what the facilities are like! We arrive in Mumbai/Bombay at around 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning when nothing will be open. We’re really only there to pick up our flight tickets to Calcutta and Bangladesh, but we’ll have the day to kill so I may update there. As it is, I best dash as Hans is sat on the platform with only our bags for company and I think he wants to check his email as well.

Oh, and it looks like I might be visiting the Middle East sometime this year as well. Maybe on the way back to Europe. Anyone know a good Hebrew phrasebook?

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