Cattle class

OK, Royal Nepal Airlines = urgh. I’m currently in the much comfier surroundings of Kuala Lumpur International Airport awaiting my transfer flight to Perth and I’m so glad I can breathe again. A word if you’re ever going to fly with the Airline (and chances are you will if you’re going in or out of Kathmandu): diet. Heavily.

Simply, I don’t exactly have a lot of spare weight on my bones. Especially right at the moment. I found the seats a tight squeeze, and the skinny woman next to me was half in my seat as well. Also, the food was the stuff of legends – the legends that say airline food is crap. A stale roll, butter that’s straight out of the deep freeze, undercooked food, the most disgusting desert ever… at least he coffee was OK. Which is weird as I don’t like coffee which means coffee-lovers will probably hate it!

Anyway, enough whinging. My body thinks it’s 4:15am and the clock’s telling me it’s 7:00. At least there’s not another timezone between here and Perth. I’ll be there at 16:00 local time, I think. Catch you from Oz!

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