Musical rooms (again!)

I’m now in my fourth room at the Witch’s Hat, as I’ve been shifted again. My own fault for only booking a couple of days at a time! At least I’ve been lucky enough to get a room – I know people who’ve had to shift hostels for a day or two.

Other than that, it’s been a fairly quite day. I’ve done a little more plotting for the 1000 Mile Walk down at the library. I have to say, the State Library here’s pretty darn neat. Loads of lovely reference books including some road atlases of Europe. I now know how far 1000 miles is in relation to Europe. And I’m panicking. Argh.

I treated myself to a decent dinner for getting all that work done. Mince, spuds, carrots, peas and HP sauce (which I finally obtained from the Vietnamese grocery over the road). All mushed up and piping hot. Lovely.

Also, I’ve worked out when I’m leaving. Flights are booked from here to Launceston (Tasmania) on Tuesday, then Hobart to Canberra on Feb 28th. I get a whole day and one overnight there before getting the 18:00 Greyhound to Sydney! With any luck, Emma can meet me for a drink on her birthday. I owe her as she’s been a great help sorting out my hostel, bus and itinerary for my short visit.

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