That’s a “hello, how are you” in Nepalese. Everyone says it and it’s just one of those greetings that sounds nice.

OK, pretty much all I’ve done in Kathmandu is plan to leave. This is not because I don’t like the place. Far from it, it’s lovely! Just the right side of hectic, plenty to do and see, prices are good, accommodation excellent… I just have a schedule to keep and I want to “finish” Australia and SE Asia before I head home.

Nepal is an easy country to get to from Europe, so I’ll maybe plan a longer holiday here some day. I definitely want to do a trek, but it would need to be 10+ days to be worthwhile.

I sorted my flight out at Youth Travel who were hugely helpful. They’ve let me pay a chunk of the cash off today and the balance tomorrow so I can hopefully use more cash. This saves me the 3.5% credit card surcharge, but I’ve only just realised that my flight ticket is £310 and my bank balance was £233. Whoops. Thankfully, I didn’t overdraw.

I’ve arranged an overdraft, but that might not be in effect until Thursday. Likewise the money transfer I kicked off yesterday has left my Lloyds account, but knowing how banks seem to like taking ages to move cash it probably won’t end up in my Nationwide account until Thursday as well. At least when I reach Australia, I’ll be able to withdraw money!

The Nepalese immigration were very nice as well. As mentioned, I have the 3-day “free” transit visa. Flying tomorrow takes me into a fourth day, but we checked with them and they said that’s OK. No need to cough up an extra $30 for a 30-day visa I won’t need.

Other than that, just some more online stuff and seeing Caroline off on a day-trip. We’ve moved into her room as it’s a little nicer, and when I leave tomorrow, she’ll move in with Hans for a night before they go elsewhere. All working out nicely!

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