Ooh, my aching wallet

Well, my Tasmania trip is now booked and paid for thanks to my flexible friend. I’ve sorted a 6-day whistle-stop trek with Adventure Tours, the same company I did the Red Centre with. Tuesday onwards are going to be rather hectic!

I check out of here in the morning and fly to Launcestone on Tasmania in the afternoon, getting there around 10pm. I have a brief overnight in a hostel, then jump on a local bus down to Hobart. I should be there by lunchtime which doesn’t give me very long to see the place, unfortunately. Then the next morning, I get collected and spend six days circling the island and seeing the sights.

Back to Hobart on the 27th in time to get some dinner, sort out my luggage and get to the airport as I have a 6am flight to Canberra.

Grand total including my flights, bus fare, accommodation, food and the trip is around £500. I really wish this silly country would let me work! Stupid flipping rule about having to be under thirty.

As an aside, if you’re over here doing shopping then I recommend Coles for your fresh fruit and veg, not Woolworths. Woolies’ stuff is invariably over-ripe and doesn’t keep more than a day. Heck, there wasn’t even any point in buying the kiwi fruit they had for sale yesterday – they were just waiting to explode!

Back to the main story after that word from our sponsors… I got a call from Jacqui and Steve, two friends I know online, and they invited me over to their local for a few beers. And karaoke. In honesty, I wasn’t in a “going out” mood by that time as I was a little tired, but this was to be my last Saturday in Perth (unless I return) so I decided to make the effort.

Damn glad I did. As ever, the best nights out are the unplanned, un-looked-forward-to ones. A quick, pleasant train ride to Carlisle (yes, Carlisle!) and I found them in the Carlisle Hotel. Beer in hand, I sat down, we got chatting and we watched and listened to a varied mix of karaoke talent (and lack of it).

At no point did I sing. Honest. Don’t believe anyone who says any different. They’re all liars. Or they were drunk and their memories faded.

So thanks to Jacqui and Steve for the invite, as well as Mel (their daughter) and her friend who’s name escapes me, for making me feel so welcome. I had a cracking night and even got a lift home at the end of it!

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