Unscary ghosties

Today we had a short hop to Freycinet where again we divided into two groups. One hiked to Wineglass Bay, one of the finest beaches in Australia. The smaller one, myself included, clambered up Mount Amos for some more astounding views. Well, before the cloud came in anyway.

On the way to our new house, we stopped by the Remarkable Cave. This is a natural formation where two separate caves have been carved through a rock wall over the millenia, feeding into one outlet behind. The sound of the waves pushing through from two directions and then being sucked back out is like nothing I’ve heard before. Large rocks are dragged back by the current and their clacking can be heard over the crash of waves.

Our house was located in Port Arthur, and was another pleasant place with a pool table, large telly, comfy beds and hot showers. We had pasta and sauce for dinner, all home-made, and then walked down to the local Information Centre for a Ghost Tour. I’ll spare you the details – it was pants. The history of the area is interesting (an old penal colony for re-offenders), but the ghost tour was more about things that had happened to previous tour groups.

Matt gave us a choice for the morning. We all had tickets for the day trip round Port Arthur and for the boat cruise around the bay. We could sleep in and head down for any of the half-hourly trips from 9am, or we could get up at 6am and go with him and a friend for a trek in the hills for around six hours.

Guess which one I went for? And was still one of the last ones to go to bed after walking our two Australian ladies to their home down the road?

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