I’m still here, folks! As I said, though, I’ve not been doing much in the way of touristy things, instead spending the time chilling out, catching up with friends, reading and working on the 1000 Miles site. The full route plan is now available!

I have got out and away from the laptop! I took a walk around the Brisbane Forest Park last week, and this morning got a bus out to Mount Coot-Tha for a wander. As with every walking trail I’ve found in Oz and in Lonely Planet, the “estimated times” should be taken with a pinch of salt. The ones today apparently should have taken me about 2 1/2 hours. I was round the lot of them in less than one hour…

Some lovely scenery at both parks, though. Birdsong, rustling trees, the occasional large lizard and precisely no snakes despite the warnings posted up.

Other than that, I’ve had dinner out, gone clubbing, had dinner in with friends, finished two books, caught up with Elaine for lunch (and again tomorrow), ordered more business cards (which are being delivered to Perth as the company screwed up and didn’t get them done in time) and booked a ticket for Slayer in Perth. Whoop!

Not a lot planned tomorrow aside from the aforementioned lunch, and a couple of hours in Borders reading through their Lonely Planet guides to Europe.

More once I get to Adelaide!

2 thoughts on “Catch-up

  1. Next time you feel like a walk in Europe you should consider the Santiago trail in Spain. Most of it dates back to medieval times, the trail passing through idylic mountainous rural spain, the trails (Spain’s full of them) are well marked paths, but haven’t lost their medieval looking crudeness.

  2. I would have included Spain on the walk, but it would have taken me well over the 1000 Mile mark!

    I’ll think about doing another walk, though, after I’ve done this one. Depends on how much my feet protest 🙂

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