Free lifts rock

The first thing to say today is another “thank you” to Rachel and Dave for being kind hosts, putting me up and for driving me from Canberra to Newcastle. It was a pretty enjoyable trip and the first time I’d seen the scenery as both times I’d used the buss between Sydney and Canberra I’d slept right through.

Dave pointed a load of things out and I spent a lot of time playing with their younger daughter. Both their kids are fantastic and it was a pleasure to meet them.

We dropped the sproglets off with Dave’s parents before grabbing some supplies and driving to the resort where we were staying. I was to meet up with a bunch of people I know from online who’d arranged a party/get-together. Beer was loaded into fridges, barbequeue food into eskies and people into chalets. Then the alcohol and the BBQ food was moved into the people.

I managed to find some Brown Ale at a bottle shop for a reasonable price and worked my way through it at a scary pace. I think I had a good night from what I’ve been told!

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