Plodge and spa

I woke up fairly early considering the late night with Dion and the morning to early afternoon was spent chilling out and enjoying Dion’s baking and cooking. Not a bad way to while away the time!

Around 3pm, two of Dione’s friends turned up and – along with her sister – we went for a walk in the woods and mountains which back onto her house. It’s hard to believe people can live this close to such spectacular scenery as we hiked across streams and up tracks into the mountains.

Our guides weren’t 100% sure of the directions once we reached the summit, though, so we spent quite a while clambering over rocks and falling down before settling on somewhere slightly shady to drink wine and guzzle little tarts. All very civilized! And more fun than following some silly trail.

After munchies, we started our walk back trying to beat the sunset – and failing. By the time we fought our way through the brush and onto the trail it was starting to get a little hazy and about a kilometre from the house we were navigating by moonlight. Two if our group marched “point” (that is, they were faster than everyone else) and when we caught up with them they were armed with big sticks. It seemed some kind of animal had wandered onto the path, then stopped and growled at them. Understandably they were a little perturbed by this.

We survived the trek, getting back to the house around 8pm – it had been a long afternoon. But what a way to chill out afterwards – outdoors in a spa pool with bubbles and 35-degree water to soothe away the aches and wash the scratches. Accompanied by vodka and cranberry juice with raspberries floating in it. Then some wine. And more wine. And then some wine. I believe more wine may have been involved.

At around midnight I had to excuse myself as I was nodding off in the tub. I went upstairs, collapsed in bed and sat up till 6:30am messing about on the internet and following the Premiership goals. I’m English. Deal with it.

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