Bye-bye Adelaide!

And back to Perth. I think I managed my food resources well at the hostel this time. I only gave away a glass of orange juice and packed a large swiss roll to eat at the airport. Everything else was used up by lunchtime.

I’m adding this post as a Tip as well as a regional entry. Information about getting to and from the airport in Adelaide:

Save money and don’t use the SkyBus. It’s $5 and gets you near to your hostel (or to the door depending on where you’re staying) but can take some time as it goes round the houses. Instead, head for stop W3 on Currie Street near Light Square (200m from the YHA) and catch the J1 or J2. It runs every 15 minutes and is only $2.30 between 10am and 3pm. I think it’s $3.80 outside these times. Obviously there may be a more convenient stop for you if you’re staying somewhere other than the YHA.

To get the bus back into Adelaide, you need to exit the terminal upstairs onto the flyover near the checkin desks. Go through the glass doors and turn left. The bus stop is after all the short stop/taxi parking.

Another thing to be aware of is that Adelaide airport provides free wireless access – only the second airport I have yet been to that offers this. The connection’s pretty good and the only restriction is a “reasonable download limit” and “web pages only” (though I have MSN working right now). As with Kuala Lumpur, though, the main problem is finding a plug socket if your battery’s not charged.

Overall a pleasant way to depart Adelaide and South Australia. Until next time…

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