SW Day 3 – chocs and caves

Today was a bit of a mix between the first two, with a few things to do and visit and a fair bit of driving to get back to Perth.

Destination one was the lighthouse at Leeuwen, the most south-westerly point in Australia. Looking at it on a map, this looks strange as I think there are places more westerly, and there are definitely places more southerly, but this seems to combine the two. It’s where the Indian and Great Southern oceans meet at an arbitrary line drawn at 45 degrees from the point where the lighthouse rests.

Another lovely bay was next, with waves coming in from two directions. These collided at the beach and surfers abounded. The sun had finally come out and this was starting to look more like the brochure!

After lunch by an old railway engine in Margaret River (where we fed the ducks and the kookaburra), Bob drove us to the Ngilgi cave at Yallingup. This was stunning. Originally discovered late int he 19th century, it’s been open for tourists for over 100 years. Definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area, the rock structures, stalactites and “views” are simply breathtaking. Not for the claustrophobic, though there are only one or two places where you need to duck your head.

More touristy stuff followed as we visited a chocolate factory (OK, it was more a shop with a viewing room) where free samples of proper milk, creamy white and delicious dark chocolate were munched down.

We were due to stop at a winery somewhere down the road, but it was closed when we reached it. We’d spotted a brewery on the drive, and convinced Bob to take us there. A good choice, and I think Bob may even suggest it be added to the regular itinerary! The old wooden building was set in a field surrounded by a gallery and some other small buildings. Blankets were available for free for those wanting to park their bums on the grass, humorous signs were up, lawn chess and pool available… it was more a bar than a brewery (I didn’t see any signs for tours), but the beverages were superb with a great variety of beers. I tried most of them!

And then the long haul back to Perth during which I read most of a Grisham novel and listened to my MP3 player. Goodbyes were said and I got on the train back to Mel’s after a very enjoyable three days.

P.S. Perth airport has free wireless access now – this item uploaded from there.

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