All quiet on the western front

Not a lot to report today. The hostel waived my “rent” for the night as I got back so late, which was nice of them. I was absolutely shattered so wasn’t realy up to much exploration. I had my usual falafel for brunch around going internet-loopy with the lovely free wireless.

Late evening, I met up with Noa and Yani for a quick beer then headed out for a couple more with some folk from the hostel. Not too many as I was still exhausted but enough to be sociable. On Zion Square, we saw a large van thumping out crappy dance music while a man who looked like the Ayatollah Khomeini bopped around. All very strange. We walked down to Stardust for the pints where my Betzefer t-shirt turned out to be a hit with the locals. And some American tourists. It seems the Israelis (and traveling middle-aged Americans) aren’t as easily shocked (or stuck up) as the Brits.

After washing my shawarma down with two pints of Gold Star, we legged it back to the hostel where I collapsed and caught up on the sleep I should have had two nights ago.

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