Any old excuse to look at pr0n

With Sharon gone I had no excuse not to. I got up early (earlier than I wanted) and packed my bags for checkout, wolfed as much breakfast as my snot-filled head would allow me and stepped out into the depressingly overcast and cool day.

I decided to mix filth with culture and paid a visit to the Erotica Museum. This is where the friends get annoyed and the family egt relieved that I can´t post pictures at the moment. It’s towards the top end of Las Ramblas and costs EURO 7.50 to get in. There isn’t a huge collection in there and most of it consists of prints if the Kama Sutra, wood engravings from India and some interesting artwork.

Some of the stuff is graphic – I can see British middle aged couples going mad if their kids got in – but a lot is simply interesting like the 1950’s condom machine from Holland. The most graphic thing they have is a constantly running restored pr0n video made in 1923 for one of the kings. Now I´d obviously not know how it compares to today’s stuff (honest) but let´s just say that Queen Victoris would very rapidly have changed her mind about not setting an age of consent for gay female activity had she seen it. And survived the following heart attack.

I’d also considered going to the zoo, but the weather looked a little iffy. Also, I only had my dinky camera with me (the one with the 10x zoom is in Cardiff) and four hours or aso just isn’t long enough for me. I usually get thrown out at closing time, and run out of space on my memory cards.

So back to the hostel to plan some more stuff. I now have accommodation in Frankfurt and Mons courtesy of some fellow Couchsurfers. My bus is booked from Paris to Mons on Tuesday afternoon, and I´ve mailed the hostel in Paris to extend my stay by one night. In French. I´m dead clever, me.

I have to go and repack now, so my next post will likely be from gay Paris!

5 thoughts on “Any old excuse to look at pr0n

  1. When I went to Prague with my mum she wouldn’t let me go to the originally named ‘Sex Museum’, even though she’d been when she was in Prague before. She then proceeded to give me a tour, from memory of all the things she’d seen in there.

    I only wanted to go in to see their corset collection.

    So if you’re ever in Prague – go – and then call me and tell me all the graphic details 😛

  2. Ever in Prague? I’m going there in about 2 weeks… Dunno if I’ll be able to see the museum, though. I’m going round with someone else who’s pretty much planned out her 3-day holiday!

  3. I don’t know where you’re going…it’s not like you left me with a travel itinerary.

    Try and go though. It looks great fun. There’s also the museum of Mediaeval Torture Instruments, if you want to appease your morbid nature.

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