Graspop day 3 / Brussels again

A short post I may expand on later just to get things up to date. Slayer owned Download and I’m still bruised with a very, very sore right thumb from the ‘pit. Ozzy Osbourne is like your grandad on stage. Almost embarassing to see, but you can’t help but love him and hope he’s there for many more years to come.

We finished off the beer we bought so I was somewhat tiddly while answering emails on the festival site. Hope I didn’t offend anyone!

The cybercafe here in Brussels is three Euros an hour and I’ve been on for almost three hours getting up to date. Apologies for any bad spelling in the recent posts. I’ve been rushing, and the keyboard is an AZERTY one that I’ve set up as QWERTY so things aren’t where they’re labelled.

Just off for a burger and my bus to Frankfurt!