Graspop day 3

Yes, I know this post is late and I’ve already put some of the details on the other posts, but it’s here and it’s staying so there.

Today was a busy day bandwise with a lot of performances to see. We popped in briefly to see Chimaira before running into town to grab a sandwich and some posh chocs from the same shop as yesterday. Bizarrely while we were in there a TV news crew filmed us. So if anyone in Belgium happens to see a guy in a Newcastle strip blowing money on some delicious chocolates…

Back at the festival, we rocked through the following:

Black Label Society, Children of Bodom, El Guapo Stuntteam, Moonsorrow, Cynic, Hammerfall, Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne. Zakk Wylde played with both his own BLS band and as the lead guitarist with Ozzy.

As I said in the other post (almost, but I’ll get it right this time), Slayer owned Graspop. Best band of the weekend in my opinion. Ozzy looked like he was about to collapse but still belted out the classics including Sabbath songs “Paranoid” and “War Pigs”.

Other high points of the day included torrential rain turning the field in to a mudpit. Not on the scale of Glastonbury, I’m sure, but messy enough! Two guys had managed to roll up a huge plastic sheet were using it as a skipping rope for anyone to join in. Until they got bored, moved it really quickly and tripped them up.

The Coca Cola emergency squad people (good looking guys and stunning women in doctor/nurse outfits) were doing the rounds, giving free massages and shaving heads. As I’d forgotten to pack any AA batteries for my clippers, I took advantage and had two very attractive young ladies strim my noggin for free. I also got a very nice photograph up one of the staff’s skirts. A kind young lady nearby volunteered to do it for me as I was more likely to get punched in the face if I was caught.

Ozzy finished around half past midnight and we staggered back to the tent and crashed out. I actually had to remove my mud-encrudted top for the first time all weekend after a somewhat muddy English guy who’d been sliding around in the muck gave me a huge hug!

All thoughts of sorting the luggage for an easy start in the morning vanished with exhaustion.

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