Hola España! (The proper post)

A very rushed day. I woke around 11am and hung my washing out to dry, fed the cats and woke Anni which turned out to be the hardest job of all. We drove to the Post Office to collect a pedometer that Sheilah had kindly mailed me for use on The Walk.

Lunch was KFC – Wales is technically a new country on the tour, so I´m not cheating – and I notice they´re now putting a nice spicy sauce in the Zinger burgers. About time.

I also popped into a couple of camping stores. Kudos very kindly gave me a huge discount on a new rucksack and sleeping mat when I told them about The Walk. Thank you!

Back at the house I took far too longrepacking my things. Added to that, some roadworks on the M4 directing traffic along the route we were taking to the airport and I was fidgetty to say the least when we pulled into the parking bay. No need to worry though, as I was in good time. I had a short conversation with a little boy who wanted to know if the bridge in the blue star in my shirt was the Severn Bridge. And it turns out his dad was from Newcastle as well. He should have known better!

I wolfed down most of my snacks before boarding the flight. The security staff were as thorough as the Israelis but nowhere near as rude or rough with my things. The plane was fairly full, but we managed to take off on time and I only had to threaten the little girl behind me once with what I´d do to her if she didn´t stop kicking my chair. I can get messages across to children very well when I choose to.

Barcelona airport was a quick one to get through. Within 30 minutes I was on the train platform awaiting the express to Barcelona Sants (€2.50) and shortly after on a connecting Metro to Paral.lel (€1.50) before walking a whole two minutes to my hostel.

I thought I´d wandered into a nightclub, the music was so loud in the lobby/bar area. Definitely no problem with atmosphere! The noisy lobby is well-separated from the rooms and I dumped my stuff before heading back down for a litre of beer and an email check before bed.

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