Mad locals and bye-bye to Sharon

We didn’t have much planned today as it was Sharon’s last and she wanted to do some shopping in the morning. I had a lie-in – again I could have slept much longer – and met her just before midday when she checked out of her hostel.

We took a toddle to the bottom of Las Ramblas where we caught a lift to the top of the Colom to see the view from there. It´s a nice sightseeing spot and pretty cheap for €2.30.

Actually, its surprising where the time went for the rest of the day. We walked past the cathedral which was undergoing refurbishment but couldn’t go in as Sharon was wearing shorts and had exposed shoulders. Their loss. Instead, was sat in the square and ate ice cream then wandered around a lovely market and munched delicious fresh strawberries for only €1 for a large punnet.

We spent a good two ours on Las Ramblas watching the street entertainers. There’s certainly enough to keep your attention: human statues; people who hide in boxes or lie still until they get money then jump out/up and surprise you; football jugglers; martial artists; acrobats; break dancers; combat dancers; a very funny clown… A great way to pass time.

Then it was time to collect Sharon’s stuff and get her to the station for her train to the airport. On the way, we passed a very posh restaurant with a huge crowd outside taking photographs and films of someone. Another “celebrity” arrived later and I have no idea who he was. I’d guess at a footballer from his appearance, but not one I recognised.

It’s always nice to have a travelling companion for a while and Sharon was no exception to that. Barca wouldn’t have been the same without her, especially with my niggly cold. I’d have lain in bed and whinged instead of getting out.

As I sat writing this up, I got a text: “flight delayed – bum!” A slight problem as she was due to land at Luton at 23:55 and the airport closes at midnight. Fortunately, later in the night I got a text to let me know she’d made it home safe and sound. Glad to hear it!

I´ve booked a flight to and a hostel in Paris. So tomorrow’s my last day here and my choices for things to do are limited. I have two main options. I’ll see how I feel in the morning!

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