Snooze to Cluj

That’s more or less I did all day. Up at the crack to jump on an 8-hour coach ride to Cluj Napoca in north west Romania. I slept most of the way and walked from the drop-off point to my hostel in the warm evening sunshine.

The one thing that surprised me was the time zone change. I never thought I’d have to adjust my watch again until I returned to the UK, but Romania (and Bulgaria I’ve since discovered) are on GMT/UTC + 2. I’m still not sure exactly how long the coach ride was between the time change and my overall tiredness.

My welcome at the hostel was warm, to say the least. A little table brought in with tea and a bucket of biscuits on as I was checked in and shown all the sights on a map. Really sweet staff!

As darkness fell and it got moderately cool, I went for a walk and grabbed a burger from a place along the street. It was OK, but strange – I think it was the large amount of cabbage they put on it that gave it the taste. When in Romania… A session on the interner, a quick beer with some people from the hostel and bed followed. I’d save the sightseeing for daylight.

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