Best. View. Ever.

I picked up some fruit and cakes for breakfast, packed up and followed the hiking trail for Cogne, the next town down. I was only meant to be passing through but I couldn’t help but stop and gape in awe at the scene that awaited me.

The back of the village town has a large grass field laid out before some stunning mountain backdrop. Building is not allowed on the field as it’s “protected” and you can see why if you ever get the chance to experience it under such good weather conditions as I did. Mountains slope down from left and right to for a valley that channels into the distance. Between them, further away than you can believe, is a snow-capped peak with what must be waterfalls spilling down it. Utterly magnificent and impossible to do justice to with a photo.

I found a cybercafe, so I had a quick mail check (thanks for the donations!) before rucking up again and making my way to this evening’s scheduled stop of Aosta. It’s a long, downhill road but there wasn’t much traffic so I never felt unsafe. I arrived in Aosta later than I’d intended, but still in daylight. Sadly it turned out I’d missed a weekend festival – the final act had just about finished – but at least the tourist information was still open to guide me to a campsite for the night.

There I got talking to an English couple on a cycling tour with their 2-year old daughter: Jeanette, Stewart (or Stuart) and little Indigo. I don’t know how they were raising her, but whatever they were doing was working. What a great kid!

I showered (included in the price in this place and felt wonderful!) and joined them for dinner down the road. Great conversation and company – I thank you folks and wish you well on the rest of your travels.

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