The South of France

A lot of detail’s gone into the 1000 Mile Walk blog, more than I anticipated, so I’ll just post a quick catch-up on some of the places I visited on here. As ever, when I get the chance, photos will follow. I fear this may not be until after I get home, though. Internet connectivity is just so hard to come by at the moment.

Outside of Nice, I’ve seen some wonderful places. Monte Carlo isn’t that special compared to some of them, frankly. Almost everything is tan or orange! The beaches are all pebbles or rocks and tiny, and their football walk of fame that is being built has Diego Maradona as the first "name". Surprisingly, they still have his bootprints and not his handprint in the cement…

The cars are something to behold., however. The last time I saw so many supercars I was walking past the players’ car park next to a football ground. Still, see on Porche, seen them all. Well, they will make them all look the flipping same.

Menton is nicer, in my opinion. At the base of the mountains, slightly larger beaches, cheaper but still a really nice resort. I only walked through but it seemed pleasant.

The real treasures, however, are hidden in the mountains. Sospel was pleasant, situated on a river with a nice little market going on. Tende was a gorgeous place with fountains, great restaurants and a maze of alleyways to rival anything in an Indiana Jones film. But if I had to pick one that you just have to see, it’s Saorge.

It’s perched on a hillside and overlooks a valley. And it’s lovely. Tiny, not a lot to see, nothing to do but grab a meal but it’s a wonderful place to do so. Again, it’s medieval in appearance with all the tiny winding streets. There’s a church and a monastery. But the view. Wow. Has to be seen if you’re in the area.

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