1000 MILES!!!

See that pedometer? That reads “3.01”. Added to the other 997 miles I’ve done since I left Monte Carlo, that makes… 1000. A thousand. Miles. 1600km, give or take. And I hit the magic number just outside of Utrecht this afternoon. One the shorted scheduled day of walking on the entire trip!

The walk today was clocked at 7 miles, but ended up being nearer 5 as my accommodation last night was two miles north of the station, which marked the original starting point. So it was barely an hour after I set off that the magic mile mark came around.

After that, into Utrecht. A quick walk around impressed. Bustling, nice streets – a mix of narrow and wide – some lovely buildings and great buzz around the canal areas. I met my host, Andrea, at the train station and we walked back to her flat where I met a mad cat, a cute bunny rabbit and two flatmates.

Right now, I’m sat here digesting dinner and realising I only have three actual walking days left (plus some crash time in Amsterdam).

I’m coming home!

(See the magic moment in all it’s YouTubey goodness here)

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