Country 35! Sort of

If you divide the UK into parts, then Scotland makes 35 countries since I departed (I flew out of Cardiff airport to get to Barcelona in June). I popped up by train to get my mum’s car which was kindly donated to me to save me buying a clunker for a few weeks.

This also gave me a chance to get to know the two new additions to the family – Pepper and Taffy, the schitzus. Our previous pooch had passed away just before I left the UK in 2006 and I’d got the usual “I’m not having any more pets again ever” speech from my mother. At the time I gave her 12 months before she got another dog. It took her eleven.

It was only a short visit – train up, drive down the next afternoon – but I got to spend some time with my pop and the pooches. And I got a car out of it!

Thanks, folks 🙂

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